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The History of our House

Parkhotel Helene historische AnsichtIn the year 1889, Helene Hoelzel completed the construction of the building, as you can see on the picture, and so gave it her name – Helene, which despite any changes survived to this day.

Later the house would go through several reconstructions. In 1908 Mrs. Hoelzel sold “her” Helene to the Moshacks from Berlin. During this time the house was only used between May and October.


Parkhotel Helene, Ansicht von 1900Since September 1st, 1963 the building has been in family ownership. Ingeborg and Adonis Voeckler took over the house and in the following period, it experienced its greatest changes. These started in 1964 with the installation of running water and heating, thus creating the basis for a year-round use. Due to the restructuring of the roof in 1967, a story was added and the former attic fully expanded.

By 1972, the building had changed its look year after year until it reached the current size. Then the focus turned to “inner values”, such as the installations of the bathrooms. This happened at a time when some still sneered about it.

In the past, Helene was in industrious hands and both the expansion with foresight as well as the hospitable atmosphere were the basis for the house’s good reputation.

Since the handover to the Albert Family in 1991 some improvements and the addition of the restaurant and garages followed. This, too, under the long-standing motto of the house: "Here you experience heartfelt hospitality!"